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Residential Community

We are able to offer the ideal Residential Community as your second home close to Southern California. Our superb grounds and boardwalk along the estuary, beaches and ocean are surrounded by clean and quiet areas which make the community an extraordinarily relaxing place to live.

The recreation facilities have unlimited sandy beaches for sunbathing, crystal clear water for swimming and fishing, a residential lounge and horseback riding. We feature two pools and three jacuzzis, four championship tennis courts, shops, a Mexican Culture Museum, a restaurant and our new indoor / outdoor Bar.


You´ll be nestled in a setting with breathtaking views, access to private and public beaches, 24 hour security - right in the heart of some of the finest surroundings Estero Beach Resort and Ensenada has to offer.

Mobile Homes are resided in by private individuals. Space monthly rates range between $480.00 dollars and $1200.00 dollars depending on location in the Resort.

  • These rates include water, sewage, public area maintenance and security.
  • Electric and propane are paid according to consumption.
  • Letters of recommendation are required when buying an existing trailer or home in the resort or bringing in a new one on a permanent basis.
  • Lease no long term.
  • A new option for buying your own home is being considered in the development.
  • Estero Beach was designed for the entire family.

For more information please contact us at (646) 177 5865 or 011-52-646-177-5865.