Other Services

Tablecloths, Covers and Napkins
$100.00pesos xperson
Mariachi$3250.00 pesos x hour
Dj$1,300.00 pesos x hour
Live Music$975.00 pesos x hour
Cake$50.00 pesos x hour
National Liquor Corkage$250.00 pesos per bottle
Imported Liquor Corkage$350.00 pesos per bottle
Ask About our Chocolate Fountain
Ceremony in the Bay
(Includes podium, microphone, covered chairs)
$105.00 pesos per person
Flowered Arch for Ceremony
Arch includes 3 flower arrangements
$1100.00 pesos
Ceremonial Entrance Carpet$3000.00 pesos
(lights and covered posts included – Accommodates 200 persons)
$13,400.00 pesos
All prices are in Mexican Pesos.
Prices may vary depending on the contracted date of the event.